August 2020

Ottawa TransFest 2020 - Two Spirit Beading Workshop
August 26, 2020

I will be hosting a beading circle/workshop as a part of the programming for TransFest 2020, an online gathering for trans folks by trans folks to replace the 2020 Trans March. This workshop is open to everyone, whether you have beaded before or are just starting out. The workshop will be held via Zoom on August 26th 5-7 PM EST. 

To register for the workshop click here

Trans Interweaving Project - Gay Men's Sexual Health Network
August 27, 2020

I have partnered with the Gay Men's Sexual Health Network on their Trans Interweaving Project (TIP), which will explore best practices for engaging transgender folks in the HIV/AIDS and sexual health sectors. I will be co-facilitating a focus group along with Elder Laureen Blu Waters for any Indigenous individuals who identify as transgender/gender non-conforming/two spirit. This conversation will be held on Thursday, August 27 from 6-8PM EST over zoom. 

To apply for one of the TIP focus groups visit here

September 2020

ShowUp: A Fund for BIPOC & QT Creators - ShowWiz
September 30, 2020

ShowUp: A Fund for BIPOC & QT Creators offers grants to help remove barriers BIPOC and Queer & Trans  creators face in maker communities due to the pervasive nature of white supremacy. homophobia and transphobia. These grants recognize that we live in a society that is not fair and that these forms of discrimination lead to reduced opportunities, and additional barriers for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour and Queer and Trans Individuals. Kole is a member of the grant selection committee and is committed to reducing barriers for their BIPOC and QT creator siblings.

The current application round closes September 30th, 2020.

Panel: Visual Artists in Ottawa - ​Uproar Arts Fest 2020
September 12, 2020

The Uproar Arts Festival was founded from a desire to see more diverse voices on stage and in the visual arts scene. This festival works to showcase cis & trans women and non-binary artists of all kinds - from theatre, music, and dance to fine art, poetry & more. Kole will be featured on a Panel of Visual Artists in Ottawa, along with the talented Hasina Kamanzi and Emilie Darlington, and moderated by Clary Chambers. This panel will focus on the artists work, their experiences making art in Ottawa, and how social media have changed the industry.

To Be Continued: Troubling the Queer Archive - Carleton University Art Gallery
Sept. 16- Dec. 12, 2020

To Be Continued: Troubling the Queer Archive looks at local histories and genealogies of queerness. The exhibition showcases the work of emerging and established QTIBPOC artists, countering the dominance of white queer histories. It also reflects on the moments, spaces and people that constitute the existing archive, while addressing its gaps and omissions.

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