Meet Rustling Pine

Aanii, Boozhoo. Mamaajise Zhingobiiwaatig ndizhinikaaz. Odawa nindonjibaa.  Mikinaak nindoodem.

Hi, there!

I guess you're wondering who's behind Rustling Pine and what that means. Well, I'm Kole and I was gifted the name Rustling Pine from a Two Spirit elder on my journey of reclaiming my Indigenaity. 

I am an Indigiqueer Ojibway and Métis beader and artist, currently living/visiting on the unceeded and unsurrendered territory of the Algonquin peoples, colonially known as Ottawa/Odawa. 

It is important for me to introduce myself in my language, Anishinabemowin, as language is one of the many roots of our culture. I grew up off-reserve, not having access to my culture or teachings, so when I moved to Odawa for school, I started my on-going/unending journey of reclamation and decolonization. Which is how I was introduced to beading as medicine.

Beading as Medicine

I started beading when I inherited my grandmother / nokomis' beading supplies when she passed onto the spirit world. I used beading as a way to channel the grief I was feeling and as a way to continue to connect with her now that she was not physically here.

I have been beading for about 3 years now, and it has taught me humility, patience, how to live with mistakes and how to keep moving forward; all things that are vital in the process of healing.

I pour my energy and medicine into each piece I bead, and it is my hope that the wearer is able to walk forward in a good way when wearing one of my pieces.

I also believe that when given a gift, we are supposed to share our knowledge and medicine with others when we are privileged enough to do so.


If you wish to book me for a beading workshop, please click here.

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